Life in the Yellow House on a Tuesday

Sometimes a day just seems to drag on and on. Not that it's been a bad day. Just a draggy day.

Mom (that's me) is getting better at cleaning up messes right after they happen. Oh yes. And it's making her much happier. However, showers and personal hygiene have taken a bit of a back seat for now. Who needs to shower when it's 100 degrees outside anyway?

So, we I cleaned up the kitchen, organized some toys, changed some diapers, took out garbage, and then went for a walk to the post office to mail a book. Home for some more playtime and napping, an early lunch, Jeep-driving time, shower (yes!) and bath (for son #1), a science activity, folding laundry, and now some quiet time. Exactly 30 minutes of it. Seems so short! But for him, so long.

What will we do for the rest of the day? Maybe we need a baking project. =) Or maybe we should do some early packing.

How's your day going? :)