Morning Adventures

So we tried an experiment today and the results are yet to be determined.

So far, I'm liking the day better.

Instead of our regular stay-home-while-Ezra-sleeps morning, we decided to RISK skipping his morning nap altogether, going out to do something fun, and hope that he will sleep three, maybe even four hours in a chunk this afternoon. 

And if the stars align, Peter's quiet time will coincide and mommy will have some desperately needed alone time. [Maybe a future post on introversion/extroversion would shed some light on this.]

So far, so good. 

I think Peter had enough social time and outside stimulation this morning that some quiet and alone time will not be too hard to take. I know Ezra didn't have trouble falling asleep, he was pooped. 

We went downtown and started our tour by visiting the toy store (Peter was VERY good after being prepped to follow directions and listen to mommy). "I will follow directions, Mommy."

We then walked the streets a the direction of the Macy's elevator. Peter was so excited last time we rode it that I decided to make it the destination this time, rather than just a means of travel. We went up and down a few times. He calls it the "allivator".

Then, since going home to no prepared food and a tired baby sounded a little daunting (sorry honey), we hit up Sweet Basil Pizzeria for some fabulous slices.

{And this is when I heard funny sounds in Peter's room and going in to check on him find rice (from his sensory bucket) all over the carpet and a big wet spot where it looks as if most of my water bottle was dumped out. Silly me for leaving my Nalgene in there with him when he requested it. Mopped up some of the wet carpet with a towel, talked to him about the importance of quiet time "but Mom, I'm bored!!", and left him in there with a net and some plastic bugs to hide around the room. I don't think he'll last long before some sort of destruction will befall. Any help here, people? Mama's goin' bananas.}

Back to my story.

Here's Peter with all those delicious pizzas in the background. That was fun.

Ezra was a really good sport, although noticeable tired, and we made it home just in time for him to crash (noon). It's been 2.25 hours and we're counting.

So. Quiet time. Ya. We'll talk more later. =)