Our Fourth

I forgot to post about our 4th of July. And our 1st of July. We didn't really celebrate Canada Day at all. Well, we ate store-bought perogies. Please don't look at me like that.

Sometimes I really do feel like a woman without a country.

We did pretty good on the 4th. Grilled vegies, grillers, corn on the cob, corn/bean salad, and red, white and blue trifle.

Peter's "four-wheeler" played center stage, as you can imagine. It received some enhanced tread from the Coreyographer and the proud Grandfather.

And it helped to break the ice with the girls. ;)

Ezra enjoyed the meal (especially the corn on the cob) and then was fortunate enough to have a bed to sleep in at Grandma's house, avoiding the noisy explosions and chaos.