Friday Rambles

This is a sad time of year for me.

Time to listen to sad music. Sara Watkins is speaking my language of farewells tonight. She and Alison {Krauss}. A duel of sad goodbyes.

Time to say goodbye to so many things. Goodbye to long summer evenings rolling down the grassy hill. Goodbye to the endless pleasure of a squirting water hose. Goodbye to sumptuous red tomatoes on backyard vines. Goodbye to long hours of family bonding in the car {hah!}.

My body is cold. My toes curled up under its neighbor foot {isn't it nice that we have two?}. My spine shivers. The air is aromatic and fresh, but I'm just not ready. Not ready to cuddle under the down duvet. Not ready for sweaters and socks.

I don't want to say goodbye. Summer was a brief, barefoot fling.

I cringe at the fall decorations already appearing on store shelves and doorways. If I squeeze my eyes shut maybe those yellow buses will disappear. I don't want to smell pumpkin pie or slide down hay bales.

I will wear my flip flops into October in bitter rebellion. I will wait until the week before Halloween to make my son's animal/vegetable costumes. I will not celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. Well, maybe that's a bit extreme. I do love an excuse for Dinner Roast.

I will rebel. Somehow.