16 Months

I love the way this little guy snuggles. Especially right after a bath. Mmmmmm. He leans into me and presses his cheek against my chest. So sweet.

I love his laugh. He still laughs like Bert. I need to get the video camera charged and capture it. Until then, here's Bert. Pretend that's Ezra laughing.

As annoying as it may be, his "escape artist" act is awfully cute. He'll check to see if you're watching, and if you are, he'll get a big grin and toddle off down the road as fast as he can. "Goodbye, Mom!"

And I love love love when he runs over to me and gives me a big long leg hug. Angels sing.

He's got the runny nose/cough thing again this week, so it's definitely time to start some immune boosting techniques. I got lazy over the summer. What do you do to keep your toddler's immune system up during the colder months? {I know, this is a bit of deja vu...}

Did you know we call him "Buzzrah" sometimes? Or "Buzz". ;) It's super cute when Peter says, "Buzzrah, come play with me in my room." =-D Awwww.

Happy 16 months my little "buzzing rah". We love you.