A Night Away

The case of the forgotten photographs.

How can a night away be so nice and relaxing and yet so quickly forgotten. Like a pretty purple leaf at the bottom of a huge leaf pile. I suppose life is like that when you have a 3er and a 1er. You come back from your night away and BAM. Real life.

But for now, I will exercise my brain in remembering what a nice evening we had. Brushing our teeth in the woods, spitting into the bushes. Roasting marshmallows and big franks and jiffy pop. Taking a moonlit walk down a very dark, rooted trail. Kissing on the dock.

And a little bit a mountain biking the next morning.

We didn't even swim in the September-cooled lake. For shame.

But we did it. And came home again. Happy anniversary babe. We can do this. They'll be in college soon.