Lessons Learned from September

I learned to be scheduled and flexible at the same time. Yep.

I've learned that sometimes less is more. Less discipline. Less rules. Less impatience.

I learned that my husband and I are opposite. Very opposite. And I think that's why we got married in the first place. And I'm sure it's why we'll stay married. But sometimes......oh my. Like the time he "Thinkers wonder why feelers never think, and feelers wonder why thinkers never feel." Pretty much. But I do think! And you need to feel. Hmmph.

I learned that I have much more desire to decorate my house than actual motivation. Meaning, I will dream about it for months........but will anything actually happen? I want to...
"One must desire something to be alive." Margaret Deland
I've learned to be more prepared for change. If that's possible. Like really, just have a pair of shorts in the bottom drawer just in case we hit 100 degrees in September. It could happen.

I've learned that throwing away old flip-flops can be highly exhilarating.

It's definitely a good idea to use the slow cooker. At least once a week. Think you could eat chickpea curry every week? Yes.

I've learned that it's OK to eat the same thing for three {or four} meals in a row. And it's OK to repeat the letter "D" for two {or three} weeks. It won't hurt anyone.

And finally, I've learned that my boys can get along. I've seen it. Brief, fleeting moments, but they do happen (like the half-dragging, half-loving hug this morning in church -- "I brought him back, mama", "thanks, son"). And daddy's can get along too -- I've seen it. The house may be a mess when mom gets home, but the kids have played hard and ready to sleep. And that's the sign of a great father. Tired kids.

And here's the sign of a great grandfather -- impromptu motorcycle, right here, right now. "Put up your controls --- vrrrrooom vrooom!"

What did you learn last month?