Meal Planning Monday

Key Word = Simple. But good. Immune boosting. But simple. Well, except for those potstickers......

I don't know what it is about saying "this is a big project that will never happen" that makes me do it. I made both Baba Ghanoush and that curry soup this week. Both pretty good. Four stars. 

breakfasts (5) + green smoothies
fried egg sandwiches
oatmeal with pears and coconut
granola and sliced pears
cornmeal mush with honey
thickened fruit on toast with almond butter and honey

baking (2)
pear crisp
Grandpa's sticks {"this is a serious project and may never happen" LOL Think it'll work??}

lunches (5)
egg salad and cucumbers
grilled cheese and vegetable soup
linkett sandwiches and apple slices
baked yams, rice and mushroom soup
leftovers =p

suppers (5)
taco soup
crockpot chickpea curry and rice
vegeburgers and homemade oven fries
butternut squash potstickers
black bean enchiladas