Meal Planning Monday

I can't seem to get both learning activities and an ambitious menu into the same week. I did tons of cooking last week, everything on the list except the chili, stuffed peppers, and curry. Which was completely amazing to me. But no "F" words on the word wall or field trips to the fire station. So maybe we'll focus a bit less on food this week.

breakfasts (5)
omelete with yellow squash and feta
cold cereal and citrus
yogurt, flax meal and granola
applesauce on toast
oatmeal with pumpkins seeds and spices

lunches (5)
feta ciabatta sandwiches
linkett sandwiches and veggie sticks
griller sandwiches
baked yams and rice with mushroom gravy
angel hair pasta with zucchini

suppers (5)
crockpot chickpea curry and rice
couscous and feta stuffed peppers
butternut squash chili and cornbread
banana milkshakes with flax meal and almond butter
mini pizzas on english muffins