My Children are Good

So often I write about my kids when they are tough. More of a venting session. I admit.

But lately *knocking on wood* they have been GOOD! I can hardly type that without feelings of trepidation. The next stage is coming. I know.

But can I have a moment to enjoy the cute and wonderful? Yes. Thank you.

Peter has been giving the Best. Hugs. Ever. Arms around the neck and squeeeeze. Leg hugs too. Such a good feeling.

And have you seen my two boys "tackling each other" {as Peter terms it}? Giggles and chuckles and squeals. Super cute. And usually the big one stops when the little one cries wails. They are still friends.

Peter's songs have become so creative and funny. He puts new words to familiar tunes. He sings at the top of his lungs. In Walmart. People smile raise their eyebrows.

{We interrupt this broadcast to announce an emergency involving food being flung across the table and smeared on clothing by a crazed, previously good, now very silly child. We will resume sometime in the future. We hope.}