Countdown to Christmas

There's been a lot of talk about Advent Calendars and countdown activities. It all sounds good -- memory-making, fun. And me, the planner, loves another project. Oh yes.

But sometimes I get a bit too excited. And put too much time into something that maybe doesn't turn out quite like I hoped falls flat on its face.

See my cool stick centerpiece? I love it. See the cinnamon sticks all wrapped up in twine? See the little rolled up papers with numbers on them?

Yes, perhaps I was over-ambitious.

Here is the list of activities written on those mini-scrolls of paper {well, maybe you can't see all of them yet...}:
Sunday - 12 Watch Curious George A Very Monkey Christmas
Monday - 13 drive around to look at Christmas lights
Tuesday - 14 hang strings of popcorn/cranberries on the tree
Wednesday - 15 go caroling with friends
Thursday -16 bake cookies with Grandma
Friday - 17 go ice skating with mommy
Saturday - 18 eat gingerbread pancakes for supper
Sunday - 19 make a gingerbread house
Monday - 20 make birdseed ornaments for birds
Tuesday - 21 wrap and donate gifts for needy children
Wednesday - 22 {SURPRISE}
Thursday - 23 record cardcast together
Friday - 24 {SURPRISE}
We went to look at for Christmas lights last night Monday night. And found way too many dark streets. The boys almost fell asleep in the car. Merry Christmas.

We nixed the stringing popcorn idea -- after the scissors incident, do I really want to give my boy a needle? Or is there another way to string popcorn, kid-safe?

Two of Peter's friends showed up last night to sing with us -- thank you for coming!!! We walked around the neighborhood with our lighted stroller and tunes {amazing husband}, even singing "O Holy Night" accapella. At the top of my lungs. The crisp air was good for singing.

Peter is currently in Grandma's bakery. I'm curious to hear how that went...any flour left in the bucket?

What we do may not look like the ideal in my head, but I hope it is fun for someone. And memorable. I'm doing my best.

Merry Christmas, from one tired mom who may be trying just a little too hard