Early and Proud

Aaaaaah. Another early morning.

Quiet. Dark. Alone. I love starting my day like this.

Fortunately, I greeted my bedding early enough to handle seeing 5am on the clock. It does feel so counter-culture, so backward. But it works for me.

Glowing lights on the horizon
Not yet from the sun
Wrapped in foggy stillness
The day has not begun

Peter has been making me proud lately. So few fits...so much good talking. It's a phase like this that reminds me -- all the hard work pays off.
After his ice skating lesson, he said "I did all the things the teacher asked me to do!"

And yesterday, after a nice visit with Grandma, he called her up {spontaneously} and said, "I love you. I had a good time playing with you!" {paraphrased}
So proud. And here's a little Ezra love. Playing with the big boys. 

Now I'm off to get my butt kicked. Seriously I'm so sore, I might just pretend to exercise this morning.