In Which I Try to be Very Honest

I have had a lot of trouble blogging lately.

Life in the yellow house hasn't been easy. And of course, I want my blog to stay positive. So we have the Three Months of Joy posts. A bit of meal planning. And picture highlights from when things are happier.

But in general, between the hours of 12 and 4 in the afternoon, things are tough. Not a lot of things I want to blog about.

This is when Peter and I have the pleasure of being alone while younger brother sleeps. This is when we are supposed to do learning activities, play, and stay quiet.

When the world is a bit warmer in this hemisphere, we often enjoy some outdoor play, which helps the time to pass much quicker. But things have been anything but warm lately. Yesterday, we went outside hunting for cool rocks to paint, five minutes or so into our adventure, Peter trips, skins his already frozen hands on the cement and I carry his crying body home again.

Here he is with his rocks, that took a whole 10 minutes to cover with paint. Ya, 3 hours and 45 minutes left to fill with fun activities. Good luck.

We had another art project fail today.

And the regular amusements -- legos/pattern blocks/car and roads/puzzles/drawing/play-dough/magneatos/alphabet tiles just seem to lose their shine after an hour or so. Maybe we need more structure? Some moms get out specific things that their kids *have* to do and schedule their learning time/quiet time very strictly.

I'm afraid my child isn't doing very well with "must dos" lately. I'm fighting enough battles with drinking water, going pee, and eating food.

Why all the battles lately?

I would love to know. I feel I must be doing something wrong. He's having a lot of trouble following directions or taking "no" for an answer.

He gets crazy wild after an hour or two of our "afternoon drag" time and misbehavior sky-rockets. Throwing, hitting, silliness, and no ability to listen. I need to hit the reset button before our whole command center shuts down.

And when I take him out he's shy, non-participating, and clingy! So difficult for me to understand.

We have quite a bit more fun when brother is awake. See?

So I continue to analyze the situation, read blogs to gain knowledge, and try to work out solutions...piece by piece. Any help is always welcomed. Thanks for listening!