Meal Planning Monday

Last week was tough. My refreshed blog echoes the refreshed feeling in my heart. Time off is so nice for dear old mom. Inspiration and beauty breathes new life. This week has every reason to be so much better than last. 

breakfasts (5) + green drink
cold cereal and fruit
rice with raisins, coconut and milk {Peter's new favorite}
saucettes and hashbrowns, orange boats
oatmeal with craisins and coconut
granola with applesauce

baking (2) {please, will someone make these and deliver? j/k}
cacao cranberry chocolate bars
s'more granola bars

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lunches (5)
quesadillas, loaded with corn, cilantro, and black beans
cheese/crackers/grapes/apple wedges
vegetable enchiladas {ok, now we're getting ambitious, but maybe I can make these the night before...}
banana and almond butter milkshakes with flax

{Don't they look delicious?} Photo courtesy of

suppers (5)
tomato coconut curry vegetables and rice
homemade potato skins
easy eggplant parmigiana
chickpea curry and rice {there it is, again...but this time, the beans are pre-soaked and waiting in the freezer}
haystacks {remember to soak and cook beans, thank you!!}