Menu Planning Monday

I looked in the fridge and said, "hmm...something with zucchini...snow peas...and brocolli". I looked in the cupboard and said, "oh yes, potatoes and butternut squash". And there you have it.

You knew calorie counting would only last so long, didn't you?

breakfasts (5) + green drink
honey yogurt waffles with thickened fruit
applesauce on toast
toasted egg sandwiches
cold cereal and fruit
cornmeal mush and honey

baking (2) {no, this is not two recipes. yes, I am craving sweets.}
grandpa's sticks
zucchini cookies
lemon blueberry scones
grapefruit poppy seed bread

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lunches (5)
spanish rice
tortilla soup
pigs in blankets and tomato soup
skillet lasagna {I'm ready to try a new lasagna recipe}
banana milkshakes and butter/jam sandwiches

suppers (5)
Thai chicken pizza (minus the peanut sauce and anything peanut -- I know, I know...)
meatball casserole (recipe exchange -- gotta try it)
vegetable pot pie with tator tots
butternut squash casserole
feta ciabatta sandwiches

 {photo source: housewifeintown}