Week Six: Constistency

6. Today, I will pray to be consistently consistent. I will create safe rhythms that our children can find security in. I will create daily ceremonies because everyday we are celebrating the gift of now!

This week's challenge goes along so nicely with my resolution to live in the present. I really believe planning ahead and having routine and consistent schedules lends itself to the ability to live presently. Because we know what to expect. We know that what we are doing right now is good. It is meant to be.

I'm going to share with you what our daily rhythm looks like these days. It's time. And I think I've finally figured it out. Ezra's napping very consistently. Peter's needs have been analyzed and addressed. We're looking good. {finally!} 

I've divided our day up into zones...because times are relative. Sometimes we wake up a bit earlier...or later...sometimes we take a bath first and then eat...you know how it is. But we're in the zone. haha

Zone ONE
We awaken; mommy swims laps and showers; we eat and clean up the kitchen; we bathe and dress; we take our vitamins and brush our teeth

Zone TWO
We meet for something I loosely refer to as "Circle Time" which includes board book reading for Ezra, singalong songs with the guitar [or violin], sight words, and memory verse activities [word stomp, make up a tune, leave out some words]. This doesn't happen every day...some days we just read and sing...or save it for later. 

Outdoor Time/Playdate/Errands/Groceries -- basically, OUT of the house time.

Home for lunch, dancing music while I *try to* whip up something in the kitchen, get Ezra down for his nap, clean up any messes while Peter has unstructured play time...you know...mid-day madness. 

Things calm down, we engage in quieter activities while younger brother sleeps. Recently, we've found a few things that work well. I break the three hours into smaller chunks: 
1/2 hour computer time (whether it's watching Curious George or playing starfall.com
1/2 hour pretend play time {with mommy} 
1 hour solo play {I provide an activity like stapling/taping paper into shapes or playing with magneatos and encourage him to play by himself...hard for my little guy} 
1 hour learning activities {I'm still learning what works here...but games and mazes and watching youtube videos are all favorites}. 
We definitely find what works, on a daily basis. If it's all a bust, we head outside. Nothing better than some time outdoors to clear the head.

Zone SIX
Ezra wakes up, we're out of the house again! Next week, we'll be starting gymnastics classes. Hopefully that will go well. Peter is taking ice skating lessons too. We do our best to get supper cooked before 5 o'clock and look forward to daddy coming home.

Eat, clean up toys, play hide-and-seek or chase, songs and stories, tooth-brushing etc. -----> BED. 

Consistency? Check. Rhythms? Check. Security? Check. Daily celebrations? Check.

Gratitude. You bet.

What kind of rhythms have you found work for you? Do you feel like you're living in the now?

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