Field Trip Friday

At Daddy's suggestion, the three of us ventured out today to explore. Call it a field trip if you like. It was a trip. And we drove through fields. And since it's Friday and I like alliteration...there you go. Not to say we'll be doing this every Friday.

{time for a little mental off-roading}
Since the little one has had trouble napping lately -- better to lay aside the stress of multiple afternoon putting-to-bed rituals and shushing-the-three-year-old and get out of dodge. {Don't worry, he slept a bit in the car and he's been going to bed very early these days.}

Worse than the wiggliest baby diaper change or the persistent whys of a three-year-old is the inconvenience of scheduling the whole day around the hope of a nap. That never materializes. You know -- leaving a play-date early, driving super fast back from the store, shoveling food into his mouth...because you know if the magic number on the clock passes, there may be _______ {choose your dis-function}.

And after all that, he doesn't go to sleep. Trouble for naught.

So today we Got Out.

Fresh skiff of snow. Temperature in the single digits. Very slight breeze. Sunshine. Who could pass that up? 

Oh ya. Him. =) He didn't want to wear his sock gloves and you can imagine how cold his hands were. The sunshine is deceiving.
Bright, but not all that warm. 

They did have a bit of fun up there...Peter was {of course} trying to figure out what was making noise and how these things work. And he said the snow was fun to walk in. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the photo opportunity.

Even though we probably broke some rules. {Hey, my husband would vouch for me...}

And we saw {and heard} so many cool birds! Yes, the window was down quite a bit while I snapped these photos. Small chirpers and large screechers. Check out this large birdie with a red tail.

So. Mission accomplished. Hope you enjoyed the trip! And the fields!