Getting Easier

Life has been getting easier lately. I've just started to notice it. My chest isn't as tight. My brow not so furrowed.

Less chaos. Less conflict. Less turmoil.

~ The kids can actually play outside in the backyard by themselves for a few minutes. Without getting too muddy.

~ Instead of yelling, pushing and hitting, Peter will ask for time to play by himself. He closes himself in his room for as much as thirty minutes while he and the Legos have some quality time together. And Ezra gets to play with other toys freely, without the bonds of Peter's pretend play {"no...don't touch...those are my organ pedals!!"}.

~ The older is therefore much nicer to the younger when they do play together. He is no longer hurting Ezra on purpose. This morning they spent quite a few minutes taking turns "bonking" onto the bed and giggling their hearts out.

~ I can actually load the dishwasher while Ezra is awake. He doesn't interfere.

~ Daddy hasn't had to fish poop out of the morning bath in quite a while.

~ I can typically sit down and eat a bit of food undisturbed. Maybe.

~ It's now possible to say "time to go" and walk away from the park...and one child will follow me!!! Amazing.

~ And I'm losing the guilt about letting my children play. By themselves. It's so very freeing. I might actually like being a parent if I can keep this up. I am a human being with needs, not just their playmate and sole need-meeter. Aaaaah. Maybe I will survive.

Gotta love the good times. And the cute things they say.

This morning Peter said, "I want to call Grandma because she is a very good sport and because I love her."

We had a fabulous morning. Feeling like life really does have one thousand gifts.
11. games of sunlit chase on the grass
12. slow cooker curry bubbling away
13. jumping. anywhere.