Meal Planning Monday

We'll call this Favorites Week.

Because last week was Least Favorites Week. We pretty much scrapped the menu and ate what was in the fridge. Now I have cauliflower to get rid of (nobody really likes it all that much around here). The trick is to make things that people WANT TO EAT! Otherwise, what's the point?

So. Requests for this week are:
     lentil soup
     spanish rice
     chicken alfredo pizza
Really they would prefer I feed them yogurt and butter/honey sandwiches with grapefruit. Every day. Three times a day.

With a green drink and maybe a banana milkshake thrown in.

Meal planning has been hard lately.

Here's what we'll try for breakfasts:
     Honey Yogurt Waffles
     applesauce on toast
     granola with raisins
     oatmeal with coconut
     yogurt with flax

And some easy lunches:
      stripple sandwiches
      rice casserole
      almond butter sandwiches, crackers and cheese, apples
      grilled cheese sandwiches

And the favorites mentioned above plus two more easy:
       feta ciabatta sandwiches
       lentil soup
       spanish rice
       chicken alfredo pizza

If that floats your boat, then you are very easy to please. :) Really, I feel like it's pretty boring. But it works. And that's what matters. I'll keep looking for unique recipes...but we'll keep plenty of good ole' in there too.