Snow Bunnies

It has been six years since our last time on downhill skis. Our hope was to try night skiing {although that sounds like a really bad idea in retrospect} but the logistics didn't work out. So we went for the day.

Thank you to our gracious babysitters. They are wonderful.

Being on a ski slope really is other-worldly. Especially when you haven't been there for such a long time. I was pretty nervous. But the weather was perfect and the snow...oh wow, the snow.

In the last two days {in which the mountain was closed}, the ski hill had received 17 inches of fresh snow. And we were the among the first to ski on all that freshness. Some of the runs were groomed, but others were super fluffy...mounds of dry fluffy powdery snow.

Amazing. And the sun shone down {for a few minutes}.

Tim did a lot more skiing than I as a kid and it showed. Great posture. Amazing ability to "hockey stop" and shower me with snow.

Easy to get dehydrated while skiing. Here we are stopping for another ski pole snow cone.

And my patented snow-plow position. I'm still learning to parallel turn. Got a lot better after a day of it.

It really makes a big difference in a marriage to have that much time together without interruption. I feel quite a bit more connected to that man I share a house with. Yay for winter adventures!!