A Messy Morning

We made a big mess today.

Typically, I spend the first part of the day cleaning up the kitchen and picking up clutter. Not today.

Why? Because I told you we would. And I'm big on keeping my promises.

We mixed play-dough together. *shock* It made an interesting color wheel. Although black and blue was still black and black and red was still, {guess} BLACK.

We made eight different colors of vanilla pudding. {could that be why my oldest is making very loud monkey sounds and leaping around the house?}

He seemed to enjoy it. {you think?}

And then I let Ezra eat Peter's soggy cereal, while standing in a chair, without a bib. Because I was trying to help Peter to do the layering thing right. You know, so it wasn't a big brown mess?

Well. I had another big brown mess. Gotta love soggy cereal. Everywhere.

Then I took my sugar-highed children outside to run it off and play with hula hoops. Great fun.

I still haven't done anything to my hair. *gasp* One of those days...

I did manage to clean up the kitchen while Peter played with Lego. Look how BAD it was!!! You can see evidence of pizza dough from last night's meal and *shudder* food-coloring-filled dishes from yesterday's science experiment. Ya, I went to be early last night.

We sure don't do this every day, but today it was fun. I think. I'm in a recovery program. It looks something like this: