In Which We Form a Community

I love comments. I bet you love comments too. I have been getting a serious kick out of the rhymes ya'll have been producing on my giveaway post. Good stuff. You might have fun reading some of them too:
I took a walk in the dusky fog, along with my parents pesky dog. --Kari from A Snapshot of the Lenzes
My husband's a bore, so I'm going to go work at the store. --Kandice
I'm not a hillbilly, so I'll stay inside where it's not chilly. -- Kandice's husband {who lives in California -- LOL}
Though it feels mean, I'm probably going to clean! -- Becky
There are more...and they are funny. Thank you all for participating with a sense of humor! =)

So. Don't you think having a community of commenteers {my word} would be good on other posts too?? Just a fun little conversation about's an example:

In the comments below, answer me this:

What would you not want us to miss in our trek up and down the Oregon Coast?

Are there viewpoints you loved, tourist attractions, quaint little shops, lighthouses, hikes, photo ops?

Tell all! And then come back later and read what everyone else said!