Now I know you're all standing in line, waiting to upload your short story, just like all these little people.

Cause you have all sorts of free time to write, like all mothers. I know.

But, as I learned during the past few months, if something means a lot to you, you have to do it. You have to clean the house if it makes you a happier mother. You have to express your creativity if it leaves you smiling and feeling fulfilled. You have to be intentional. You have to make time for what matters most.

I have been living very UNintentionally the past couple weeks. Going with the flow -- sitting on the couch being sick, skipping Jazzercise, totally neglecting learning activities, eating haystacks days in a row. Without the routine of gymnastics classes {spring break}, we've been screeching {think scraping train wheels} through the afternoon, regularly getting bored and angsty.

So I sat down this evening and re-plotted our schedule. Feels so good. Because with good intentions, we can get a whole lot accomplished every day. From Monday gardening to Thursday bmxing, things will be busier and definitely intentional.

Nothing more intentional than my husband going out for a run at 8:30pm. He's amazing.

So I will enjoy these few minutes to myself before bed, work on a little Picaboo scrapbooking, think about coastal hiking, and then close my eyes and dream of reasons to have a bigger mouth.

I can think of plenty of reasons to have a bigger nose. Wouldn't you like to smell these x10?