Meals on a Monday

I'm sitting here with my three-year-old, who is blowing my mind with his ability to create electrical circuits, thinking it's about time I made some food for my family.

Not something my aching, feverish, zero-appetite body really wants to think about. But I'm feeling guilty. It's been awhile.

Now why is it that I can only find beautiful things to make with LOTS OF SUGAR??

OK -- this is a bit better. Still sweet, but look! Whole wheat flour and cornmeal! This looks so yummy.

And oooooooh, this would not be good for me to eat right now either, but doesn't it look delish?

Think hubby would mind if I brought back the sweet potato yam theme? These are some delicious options:

             1} Black Bean Sweet Potato Enchiladas from Cookie and Kate
             2} Sweet Potato Fries from Mels Kitchen Cafe
             3} Sweet Potato Chili from Mango Tomato
             4} Zucchini and Sweet Potato Bread from Eat My Charlotte

That should give me some inspiration for this week. But it looks like tonight may be another haystack night. Good thing he doesn't mind too much.