Play Hard, Sleep Often

When mommy's away...the {doogas} will play. 

I was only gone 25 hours. And spent 9 of those hours on the road. {here I am, listening to an audio book with one ear}
I had forgotten how long and boring the drive is.

The sun was bright. It reflected on the water and shone through the clouds so beautifully.

I arrived tired and stayed up too late, but the games were hilarious and the company was super fun.

I can't wait to see that lil' baby girl wearing this CUTE owl hat my friend Brianna made. So darling.

Meanwhile the boys were making a ruckus at home {well, sleeping really, but the next morning...}

They must have had fun.
The older was wearing the same clothes and the rice cooker was still on "warm" where I had left it after cooking lunch 24 hours earlier.

And I was so thankful to see the Tree Farm. It welcomes me to the home stretch.