Project: Simplify {Master Closet}

For the next few weeks, I'll be participating in {as much as possible} Simple Mom's Project: Simplify -- basically, Spring Cleaning and Organizing.

This week's focus was the Master Closet. And I'd been thinking about doing it all week, when this morning dear husband asks "is it really Friday already?" Oh wow. Fortunately, this afternoon turned out to be the perfect time to do it.

So -- here is the BEFORE shot. Kinda haphazard. And lots of things stored on the shelf that we rarely use.

The mess gets worse before it gets better.

Peter came to check things out -- laughed and said "Mom, you're stuck" {I had been inside the closet, but came out to get the camera} and then claimed the scrabble tiles for his room.

And here is the finished product!

Not bad...with just a small pile of thrift clothes and other miscellaneous items {what DO you do with your old breast pump?}.