Sand on my Leg Hair

The firelight flickered, breathed upon by the gentle exhale of the wind. The men talked in low tones, recalling the events of the day.

He sat on a rock nearby, picking clumps of sand off of his leg hair. His inner thoughts went round and round as the murmur of conversation and the flames faded further into the background.

What a day.

He had met someone. He had followed unusual advice. He had caught a lot of fish.

His hands reeked of fish. And his arms ached from heaving those heavy nets into the boat. What they would do with all that fish, he didn't know. That was weeks' worth.

He tore off a piece, fire-charred, and chewed.

He had seen so much today. Demons expelled, paralyzed walking, lepers cleansed. It was a lot to take in.

Harder than the load of fish.

This Man made him want to do crazy things. One minute he wanted to run away in shame, saying "don't look at me like that!". The next minute he is kneeling on the sand, looking up into those amazing eyes, willing to leave all and do anything. Just to be with Him.

Those eyes read his soul, then filled him with a feeling of acceptance and love.

He closed his own eyes to the fire and the others, seeing only Jesus' smiling gaze. He knew there would be no more fishing. He knew his life had been changed. He had just pulled in enough fish for a lifetime. It was time to follow this healer of hearts. It was time to learn a new profession.

He wanted to learn from the Master.