Scrambled States

One of our current favorite reads is entitled "The Scrambled States of America" by Laurie Keller.

Funny. Educational. Cute. Engaging. Highly entertaining. 

The plot begins with Kansas expressing his distaste with living in the MIDDLE of the country...and never getting out or meeting any new states. So he and Nebraska plan a huge party and invite all the states!

There are so many little details to this book, if you read all the words -- two states even fall in love. =) But after they all decide to switch places, and Kansas switches with Hawaii...he gets kinda lonely. This is Peter's favorite part -- Mommy singin' in a low twangy voice:
        "In the middle of nowhere
               Feeling lonesome and seasick
                     My guitar is soggy
                              And I feel so blue."

Such a fun book. Totally recommend it. Peter knows the names of most of the states and where they don't go {and where they do}. ;)