22 Monther

He turned 22 months on Monday. I made these little circles with the #2 on them and since then have tried quite a few times to get some photos of him holding the two twos. No dice. He's a wiggler. Always moving. Always grabbing for the camera. 

Enter mommy's early birthday present. Have you seen one of these in action? Pretty sweet. 

So here we are -- mama's got wet hair, baby not dressed yet -- but it's time for some love captured.
I love his shampooy soft hair after bath. Smells so sweet. And skin so soft.

My boy now jumps {just learned last week}.

He puts things away {gene-defying and mommy-pleasing}.

He often follows directions {unless it involves giving something back to his brother}.

My baby says hewwow and baaaay {in a really soft voice -- you'll miss it if you're not listening close}.

He really doesn't like big brother touching him. No hugs, no tickles, nothing. {He's a little wary after receiving several "unloving touches".}

Sometimes he stays in bed for a few minutes in the morning and just giggles.

He just loves to push things around the house {like his rocket ship} and play chase.

He points to everything in books to see if it will make a sound {moooooo}.

And if you don't make a sound, he will. He's got plenty of sounds {vrrrrrroooooooooom}.

I just love my little red-head so much and can't believe he's almost two years old!