Adventuring: Packing the Car

I have packing the car down to a science. You might laugh at me. It's OK. :) It works.

Backpack accessible on the left. Big duffel bag full of warm clothes slides in and out to access the cooler. All tents, mats and bedding on the right side, in order of need (first ground cover, then tent, then sleeping bags). Mud boots and stroller are easy to access too. As is the mesh laundry bag, waiting to be filled. If clothes are sandy, they go into a plastic bag, then into the mesh bag.

We have two tarps in case of rain. {yep} Wool blankets to place under the sleeping bags for extra insulation.

And my favorite invention for ease of use -- sunglasses holder.

Not pictured -- all dry food in a big plastic bin in the front passenger seat, all eating supplies in a backpack on the floor under the food {cutlery/dishes/bibs/tablecloth} and a toy bucket in between the two car seats in the back. Itinerary in the glove compartment. Towels and toiletries in their own bag. Diapers. Wipes. Extra shoes.

You know.

I think we're set!!