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Important Questions:

Speaking of continuing family traditions, this is one of the best. Tim remembers his daddy time including Important Questions when he was Peter's age. Good memories.

Every night these days, before bed, sometimes instead of a story, comes time for Peter's Important Questions. And yes, there are many.

Peter gets to choose -- would he like one question and two stories? two questions and one story? three questions and no stories?

He looks forward to this time all day. Sometimes he'll have me write down a question, so he won't forget when it comes time for daddy to answer.

Tonight's questions were: "How does the dishwasher work?" "How does the garbage disposal work?" and "How does the toaster work?" Kitchen theme.

Usually, Tim gets out a pad of paper and a pen and draws a diagram to help explain...tonight they took a field trip to the kitchen to see things firsthand. Daddy even used a butter knife to press down on the closing device -- tricking the dishwasher so we could see where the water comes out.

Peter wanted to draw a diagram in addition to the hands-on experience. He really likes to draw.

Then, when question time is over, he wants his water...and he wants daddy to come and "snuggle" him into bed.

Love this guy.

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