R is for Rhubarb {and some other stuff}

The early-harvest, pleasant-with-sugar, companion to strawberries that we love.

What could be more seasonal than a combo plate layered with Rhubarb Crepes, steamed asparagus and sliced strawberries?

The kids pounced on it.

Peter says, "This is the very best meal EVER! Asparagus is my favorite vegetable! And strawberries are my favorite fruit!"

Grab and gobble. Oh, and maybe grimace.

R is for Road Trip 
Seems like we did something like this recently....hmmm ;p

R is for Rocks
We've been reading a super fun book this week called Everybody Needs a Rock. It's hilarious.
"Everybody needs a rock. I'm sorry for kids who don't have a rock for a friend."
We also might have been spotted throwing rocks into a...

And possibly stuffing rocks into other people's pockets. And when those are full, filling his own.

The little one did his share of rock-tossing, but had some great fun chasing mommy and playing peekaboo with his hood.
These guys have such a blast outside. :)