The Broken Road

Night birds warbled as two figures raced along the rocky path, tripping, arms flailing, out of breath.

The road is nothing to them as they brush off dust, keep running, miles retraced.

Earlier that day, the road was just as dark and blurred, not for lack of sun, but for the confusion of mind and the tears that flowed. They had walked slow, faces down, hearts crushed, walking away from hope, away from love. Their hope, their love had been nailed to the cross, laid in a tomb.

And then disappeared completely.

The hurt and confusion was blinding. When a third traveler joined them, seemingly ignorant of the goings-on, their eyes can't see beyond the pain. Their hearts speak such disappointment.
"You must be the only visitor in Jerusalem who hasn't heard about what's been going on over the last few days...We had been hoping that He was the One--you know, the One who would liberate all Israel and bring God's promises." verses from Luke 24, The Voice
Then the prophetic exposition, the breaking of bread.

The moment of recognition, the second disappearance.

This time, minds were clear, purpose known. There was fire in their bones. No desire to remain at home when their SAVIOR was alive!
He spoke truth, renewed hope, opened their eyes! 

And so they ran back to the city of sorrow turned to joy, along that broken road.
Feet hardly feeling the ground beneath. Hearts echoing the bird songs. Eyes wide open.
"And God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you."