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As some of you know, I'm planning a road trip with my small children and it's coming up very soon.

I'm getting a little trip-shy. And spending way too much time at the computer, organizing my every move. Directions from point A to point B, addresses and phone numbers, possible places to stop for a meal, tourist attractions, things to photograph, and best places to pitch a couple tents.
Some highlights:
Watching sea lions do a little dance -- can't wait to see Ezra's face
Riding the SkyTrail through the huge trees of the redwood forest -- Peter will LOVE this
Taking photos of some pretty incredible water coming out of the Spouting Horn
Climbing hundreds of lighthouse stairs holding onto two small hands
Playing in the sand on many beaches
So excited. So nervous! Trying to keep my mental energy up!

Only two of our overnight stops will have free Wi-Fi, so I will be writing posts in my free time and posting in town where I can find wireless. Uploading pictures will be the most time-consuming. I may have to post teasers and give you the goods later.

Next -- finish my packing list and start compiling and efficiently stowing things in the car.
Diaper changing station, picnicking station, technology station, etc.

These three resources have been very helpful in the planning process:
13 Tips for Packing Light with Small Children
Tips for Traveling with Small Children
Car Camping: A Packing List

It's satisfying the need to organize, that's for sure. I'm actually getting a little weary of all the details. Bring on the adventure!!

And remember not to feed them messy food in the car. Caramel corn ball = OK. Burrito = NOT OK.

I hope you will enjoy the trip with me -- my posts will be entertaining, helpful, inspirational, fun...something you'd want to share with a friend.
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