Wine, and a Smile

Every woman dreams of the perfect wedding. The good looking groom. The adoring guests. She was no different. She had waited for this day. He would be hers forever, after this, their happiest week together. Celebrating with those they love.

Happy. Until they ran out of wine.

Oh -- the guests didn't know. But she had escaped the festivities for a moment, standing outside in the warm sun, and had overheard the conversation. The deeply concerned mother of her childhood friend, saying "do something!"

She was surprised that he was even at her wedding. He had come with a few of his newest friends, who seemed to follow his every move. He was very tan and quite thin, but his eyes still spoke volumes. Even as children, she remembers looking into his eyes. They were so full, brimming with something. At the time, she didn't know what.

Now she listened to his authoritative voice, his back turned to her, telling the servants what to do. Did he know she was watching?

She watched as the miracle drink was carried to the emcee, who swirled it in his cup, sipped and swallowed. She heard his compliments and exhaled, realizing she had been holding her breath.

Then she inhaled sharply when she saw him turn and smile at her. Eyes brimming with care. For even her smallest need. That was it. She knew now. He was more than a childhood playmate, he was the One.

Her Savior. Who would do much more for her than turn water into wine.

Do you know how much he cares for you?