#11. Collect Worms

And put them in the garden on mommy's pillow.

We had a very rainy May last year and I put together a list of 10 things to do in the rain. Embrace the weather, you know?

Hard to be happy about the weather when both days of early morning balloon launching were canceled due to wind and rain. Maybe we can road trip to another hot air balloon festival this year.

But what daddy did with the kids today deserves to be added to the list: #11. Collect Worms.

Peter now says that his favorite animals are worms. *groan* Pill bugs are cleaner.

If you're anything like me, your gag reflex needs something to calm it down. I have just the thing.

Having fun Ezra? =)

--One Thousand Gifts--
48. Sons. 
49. A silly husband. Really, he's pretty fun.
50. The realization that I am so happy with the people I've got. 
51. Rain. Especially on purple flowers. 
52. Sitting next to Peter, all bundled up with blankets, each on our own computers. Love it.