A Cool Evening


I love this feeling.

Sitting down after a hard days work. Basking in the clean and fresh feeling that a picked up, mopped up, tidied up house brings. Listening to the ring of balls hitting metal bats in the ball field outside our backyard. Feeling prepared for the birthday party and family visit this weekend.

A tummy full of Wheat Chex, cranberries and plain Silk, followed by two slices of toast, Vegenaise, avocado and yeast flakes.

Kids all settled down for the evening. Early. Time to put my feet up before falling into bed.

Love it.

I haven't had many blogging opportunities lately -- too busy making signs for lemonade stands and bazzzillions of burgers.

When we're not freezing bananas and dipping them in chocolate or cutting out monkey masks, we're playing at the BMX track.

Or slipping and sliding.

Or eating rinsed strawberries.


Sometimes we just take a seat in the mud.

When you look back at life through the best of the best photos, things look so perfect.
Kids look so happy. Parents look like they are really having fun being mom and dad. {we are} ;)

And life is just full of blue sky and puffy white clouds.

Makes you want to keep living this beautiful thing called life, doesn't it?

--One Thousand Gifts--
53. Cool evenings after hot days.
54. Happy sounds in the park.
55. Quiet moments alone.
56. Dog piles. {minus any dogs} Man, come to think of it, why DO we call a pile of people a dog pile?
57. Fresh bright green leaves.