Meals on a Monday

Sorry. Late again! :) Been diggin-quiltin-jazzin-plantin but not cookin-bakin-cleanin. Time for a switcharoo. Granola in the oven, scones on the brain, rice casserole ingredients on the counter.

And for this week's inspiration -- LEMON. Don't you think we need to start June a little zesty? It's fresh, it's tangy, it'll put hair on your chest. Peter says he doesn't want hair on his chest.

Lemon Cream Pie from The Meaning of Pie {I know, not the healthiest option, but doesn't it sound delightful?}
Lemon Coconut Cookies from Pixelated Crumb
Whole Wheat Lemon Yogurt Waffles from The Family Kitchen
Strawberry Lemonade Popsicles from Pass the Sushi
I also love the Roasted Cauliflower {with lemon zest} and the Lemon Lime Sorbet found at Sunny Vegan -- check them out!!

And enjoy the last day of May.