Weekend Wambles

We've been having fun this week. Spring is a good time for biking and spraying water on each other, eating our first bites of watermelon, making giant bubbles, and biking some more.

We haven't been indoors much. And when we are, you'll find us looking out longingly.

I still need to tell you all about Peter's birthday party.

And about the most recent book I'm reading.

The four meals thing is going really well. We're planning ahead for healthier, smaller meals, wasting a lot less food, eating when we're hungry and stopping when we're not, and generally feeling a lot happier. Before -- the kids would be super grumpy and melting down before I would even start meal preparations. Now, I'm on schedule to fill their bellies before any grumps surface.  They have more energy, more patience, more happiness. It's good.

I've been striking a much much better balance between mommy activities and kid activities. Now they play and I read or blog or clean...without guilt. They are playing together so much better. Peter is becoming more independent and feeling good about it. I'm finding fulfillment through my hobbies and feeling settled by a clean house.

The kids are eating good, playing good, sleeping good. We're A-OK. Happy to report. =)

And I'm super excited to be following several bloggers who are currently traveling to the Philippines with Compassion International. I would love to use my blog for such work one day -- writing and posting pictures about my experiences visiting children and seeing ministry happen. I'll be following this trip closely to see what I can learn. And to be inspired.

Compassion Bloggers: Philippines 2011

My dear husband had a birthday this week. We tried to surprise him {he was hiking} with ice cream bars, but he found us first. The kids had fun pretending to hide and say "boo" though. It was raining pretty hard -- what an adventure. At one point, Peter said "this is really peaceful". That's one word for it. I found it to be exhilarating, bonding, memorable. And very fun. But weally wet. Just imagine your ice cream bar being washed away before you could eat it.

Happy birthday daddy -- now give me ICE CREAM!!!!

And for my local friends -- I'm running a giveaway on my Facebook page. You should definitely check it out. You could win an hour of housecleaning! I recommend Your Haven Cleaning to anyone that could use a little help around the house {sure is nice to have someone else mopping my floors and deep cleaning my bathrooms every couple weeks}.

And I made a quilt -- do you like the colors?

What do you need to "wamble" about? I'm listening. :)