Adventures in Wyoming

Sunday night it rained. Quite violently. We got our tent flies up and staked just in time and managed to keep things inside dry. Ezra was sad because the dandelion seeds wouldn't blow off. Peter went around the whole car, wiping away the water droplets, "making it pretty".

The next morning, we headed up over the very steep pass to Jackson, WY. The car was really fighting to get over the mountain. We thought about those poor mules pulling wagons years ago. Not sure if they took this route, but I bet seeing the mountains was pretty formidable.

There were more than four of these arches made of antlers. Amazing!!

This little dude is funny. We drive all the way to a National Park and he wants to play in the car.

Peter wanted to chase chipmunks.

These kids have such a silly daddy.

Here he is telling the kids that the park rangers hide the bears inside these boxes...peeeeeek, ROAR!!

And they all had tons of fun in the parking lot...playing in the snow...

The mountain tops were covered with clouds...disappointing, but we managed to have fun anyway, hiking around String Lake and Jenny Lake.

And then the sun came out!! Hooray!!

And we could see the tops of the mountains. That made us very happy.