My Pillow, My Friend

Tonight, 6 is the new 9pm. I don't know if my eyes will stay open past 7:30. Adrenaline has come up short; efficiency is old news; avoidance and procrastination my new friends.

Even friendlier is my pillow.

I am exhausted.

Summer is only 10 days old, but already taking the life out of some of us. We tried our typical jaunt out the backyard gate to the park, only to come back a few minutes later, sweaty and thirsty. Water must flow faster, clothes cover less. Filling the plastic pool with water wouldn't be all bad either.

We hiked under clouds this morning, tossing wood into the lake, collecting walking sticks, calling to the fishes.

And so life goes -- a bit slower now, perhaps leaning on a piece of wood for support. Or a pillow. *snore*

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