I Walked

Yesterday I took a morning nature walk.

I didn't think about quilting.

I didn't think about cooking. Although my stomach was seriously growling.

I didn't think about preschool.

I didn't think about VBS. Or swimming lessons.

I didn't think about my blog. Much.

I might have thought about the book I'm supposed to review soon. It seemed appropriate to my activity.

I thought about praying.
But mostly I thought about the beauty around me.

And like Anne Shirley says, I "breathed a prayer".

Because when the world sparkles and glows around us, it's hard not to exhale gratitude.

--One Thousand Gifts--
73. Solo starfish floats.
74. Super fun Goodwill shopping.
75. Reunited neighbor friends.
76. Complementary fabrics coming together.
77. Long two-year-old naps.