Weekend Wambles

Zucchini blueberry bread
This is round two and disappeared almost as fast as round one. It's really tasty. I'll be making another loaf or two, hopefully taking some process photos and then blogging about it. You will enjoy. Just in time for National Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbors Porch Day {August 8}. 

Sew Chic Upcycling Week
Upcycling Week starts today. This week {and part of next} you'll find guest posts with all sorts of neat ideas for reusing things and making new out of old. Visit This Crazy Blessed Life and Seamingly Smitten for the goods. And watch for my guest post about reusing thrifted jeans!

Lesson planning
Today was Ladybug day in my Month of Sundays Lesson Planning Marathon. I'm learning so much as I put together learning activities for my preschooler. Did you know that ladybugs can eat more than fifty aphids each day? This aphid doesn't look scared. He's doin' a little dance...

"Watch a video of an aphid dancing and see if you can copy the movements."

Canada trip
You really think I would take another mother/son tenting road trip? Perhaps. The thought did cross my mind. I'm brainstorming and looking at campgrounds these days. Canada is a great place to beat the summer heat. :) Stay tuned for more Adventures.

Newborn photo shoot
I am super excited to have the opportunity to take photos of a brand new baby. Just a couple weeks old. It's my first time. I've got so much to learn. But I'm thrilled for the chance. Lots of ideas up my sleeves.

Park creek play and backyard water squirting
We took a break from freezing peaches this afternoon and played in the creek. Tossing rocks. Teaching Buzzra to toss rocks...in the right direction.

Then we came back and who do you think needed just a teeny bit more water play?

I was making curry indoors and watched him spray himself head to toe and then let out a big ole scream, like "HEY, who's watering me?"
That's you, bud.

Making pop-pop boats
Best thing ever = watching my smart husband pass on his loves to our boys. And this boy is watching everything. And learning so fast. They watched YouTube videos together, describing how to make these steam-propelled boats, and put one together this afternoon/evening.
Maiden voyage right before bedtime. Success!

Backpacking date with my husband
It'll be flower season in the mountain meadows. We plan to find ourselves a nice tranquil spot by the lake, get some snowy mountain views, maybe do a little swimming. Relax. Just the two of us. Because we'll have been married for five years.

--One Thousand Gifts--
83. husband/wife communication that works
84. involved fathers
85. flowers that surprise
86. millions of peaches
87. wet mops that perform miracles on sticky floors