Everyone Learns At Home: Day 1

This is the first post in a five-part blog series called "Learning at Home". 
Come back each day this week to hear more about our learning philosophy. 

From the moment your child enters the world, you are its best teacher.

Parents teach infants how to sleep through the night. How to eat solid foods. How to walk.

We teach toddlers cause and effect and how to play together happily. We early teach the meaning of words: stop, go, danger, caution, wait. Parents know how to reach their child best -- they’ve spent many hours learning to train, trial and error. That’s a lot of invested time and energy.

Why would you suddenly decide that your child could learn best from someone else?
YOU are their first, and best, teacher.

The point is -- whether you decide to “home school” or not, you are a teacher. We are all teachers. We all teach. Whether it is by example or verbal discourse. So take on that role, embrace it. Put your child’s learning on the top of your list, whether you’re tackling hard topics passing unlikely characters on the street or answering important questions before bed.

Parents {should} teach their children about sexuality.

Parents {should} teach their children values and character traits.

Parents {should} teach their children life skills and communication strategies.

Commit to the role you already have. You are a teacher.

Would you agree? Have you committed?

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