Group Learning Has Its Advantages: Day 3

This is the third post in a five-part blog series called "Learning at Home". 
Come back each day this week to hear more about our learning philosophy. 

As much as I truly believe in the benefits of learning at home, I wanted to include a segment about the advantages of “brick and mortar” school. Learning with others -- whether that be a homeschool co-op, a preschool, or your unique brand of cooperative learning. You have 10 kids? Respect, mutha. :)

We’re planning to send our four-year-old to preschool this fall -- two mornings a week, each morning for three hours. I see it as a small amount of time, perfect for meeting the needs that I simply can’t meet in a home environment {see below}.

I’m hoping to find some sort of eclectic balance of home learning and group learning all the way through the elementary years, if possible.

Authority Figures
--Learning to follow directions from someone besides MOM.
--Learning that making good choices outside the home really will benefit your life.
{Who knew mom was telling the truth?!}
--Learning to respect others {teachers, principles, pastors} who genuinely care for you.

Social Norms
--Learning how to wait, how to take turns, how to listen.
--Learning that there is a time to be loud and a time to be quiet.
--Learning the different ways girls and boys play and interact with each other.

--Learning that you can have a lot of fun when you spread your wings a little.
--Learning that many other children your age are brave and courageous.

Social Motivation
--Learning that a larger task can be accomplished by working together.
--Learning games that take more than two kids and a mom to play.
--Learning together. {Field trips are more fun when shared!)
--Learning that learning is fun. {Watching Johnny feel so proud of his accomplishments makes you want to achieve great things too.}

How do you feel about group learning? Does it meet important needs?

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