One Thousand Gifts

"We only start to wildly flail for air when we leave our atmosphere." Ann Voskamp
May your atmosphere be full of gratitude, prayer, and unconditional love today.

~~One Thousand Gifts~~
88. Providence
89. Early mornings
90. The smell of crayons
91. Excitement over raccoons and baby caterpillars
92. Creativity managed
93. Season-embracing
94. Organized pantries
95. Sweet juicy peaches
96. Friends that "get it" and friends that affirm
97. Husbands that return
98. Celebrating marriage milestones
99. Focusing on the truth of "I'm Gonna Miss This"
100. Reading Laura Ingalls Wilder with my boy
101. Many sunrises
102. Walking and praying
103. Clean white tile floors
104. Photography breakthroughs
105. Two year old songs