Why Shouldn't We Spend More Time Together?: Day 2

This is the second post in a five-part blog series called "Learning at Home". 
Come back each day this week to hear more about our learning philosophy. 

Adventuring. Traveling. Gardening. Hiking. Learning through nature. Things we love to do. Activities in which we are learning. Time spent together, bonding.

School can be a jolly good waste of time. I know. I’ve been there. I have a degree in it. Now -- I’m aware of the gaping generalization, but allow me to state this simple fact. With 20+ kids of varying academic levels in one classroom with one teacher {and maybe an aide?}, how can you not sit some kids down with a few time-filling worksheets while you work with others? Yes, they might learn something from said worksheets. But the child will be at their desk, inside the classroom, doing busy work, when they wouldn’t necessarily otherwise need to.

But it builds character. Yes.

Which may or may not be necessary to develop when you’re five or six years old. Or a boy with ants in his pants.

Bottom line: time is so very crucial
. The First Seven Years are heavy character development years. We want to be around for this as much as possible -- guiding, training, leading. We want to have the biggest positive influence possible in our children’s lives while they are young.

And we want to have a whole bunch of fun.

How do you spend meaningful time with your kids? Is there ever enough time?

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