An Ant's Life

We went on an ant hunt today.
It was very hot.
Why did we go in the heat of the day?
Cause we needed something to do.

We didn't find many ants. 
I'm sure they were hiding deep down in the dirt. 
Found this nest hanging in a tree though.
And we saw a beautiful orange butterfly!

Sticks are always weed eaters in this life of ours. 
The bigger the stick, the better.

It's pretty hot here, as you can see from the pictures. 
Lavender has seen better days.

We always make sure to bring appropriate tools with us on walks. 
And develop creative carrying techniques.

The Magic School Bus books have become our favorites -- such a fun way to learn. 
We are reading "The Magic School Bus Gets Ants In Its Pants" this week.

{today's anecdote}
We were talking about how a colony is made up of ants with many different jobs, all working together.
There's the builder ants, the forager ants, the nursery ants, the guard ants...
So I made the connection to humans and how each person in a group does a different job, to help the team.
You know -- how about in our family, Peter -- "what job does daddy do?" He burps.
{He needed a big tickle. ;p Then we chatted about it some more and got better answers.}

Lots of other fun antics coming up this week -- want to check out the Ant Unit Study I created?
You can view and print from Google Docs. Enjoy!

And check out these guys. So close, it's almost creepy.