Gonna Miss This: One on One Time

So much time alone with my little guy, while daddy and the preschooler were backpacking with friends in the woods.
It was really special time.

He was quiet, silly, loving -- so fun to be around. He's developing that mischievous sense of humor, making all sorts of silly faces and trying to make me laugh. And so many words, most I still don't understand, but we did more communicating than ever before! Eskimo kiss communicating, copy-cating, and real live I-understood-what-he-just-said conversations. He loves it when I repeat back what he said and I'm right. He giggles and says "yeah" in that cute cute voice.

I'm gonna miss this one on one time, now that big brother is home {you know I love that boy being back}...but fortunately, we'll get some more time together two mornings each week while Peter is at preschool.

So often we think of parenting as a messy job -- poop, tantrums, and screaming.
You bet. But you know what? There are a thousand things we will miss. A Thousand. 
So take a picture, write a poem or prose, share an anecdote -- remind yourself of the things you don't want to forget. 
And then blog about it. Inspire yourself, inspire others. 

Share with us this week, because we're all gonna miss this.

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