One Thousand Gifts

Thousands of Gifts {139-161}

how excited he was to go backpacking with a bunch of little girls and dads -- "is it time? can we go now?"

the pressing of faces together and the touching of noses and the giggles -- two year old laughter is the best

seeing baby niece pictures and videos and smiling over her rosy pursed lips, all girl

laughing at a classroom full of bubble handed preschoolers, giddy, except for two who sucked through the straw instead of blew

cuddling my little red-head while we both slept away the afternoon, next to big brother, all in one bed {amazing}

watching a very wiggly four year old run across the park to the pond and back, getting out his wiggles while a tired daddy cheers him on

understanding so many more two year old words -- crackers, pear, cereal, breakfast -- and smiling because brothers can communicate better with each other now

watching both my boys play peekaboo out the window of their cushion fort -- they take turns crying "hi mommy!" "hi mommy!"

spending so much one on one time with my little boy and realizing how much fun he is -- amazing how different things are when big brother isn't around  ;) 

listening to Peter's many many very creative names for people and teddies

Ezra's hair all curled up wet

milk and cookies

early morning walks {yes} and treading softly so not to scare the great blue heron

people who return and inspire greatly; thus, messages to take to heart

husbands who kiss in front of friends' kids, all laughing; his itch for the freedom of the great outdoors and desire to share that with our children

feeling that much closer to God, touching nature

Peter sounding out and spelling "B-A-K-E" with the silent "e" at the end of the word, of course and then narrating a laughing list of all the words that rhyme with bake -- take, cake, make -- and then getting letters mixed up and making nonsense words and laughing some more

Ezra laughing just because Peter is

the little boy who took my keys out of my purse during church and ran down the aisle toward the door
and the kind ones who smiled and didn't frown

Peter actually making use of strategy #3 "go ask a big person for help" {instead of hitting} 

the little happy plop of Ezra into my lap when he wants me to read a story 

returned appetites and banana smoothies with almond butter and flax meal

friends who love my children too

So blessed.
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